Appraise & Sell


If you are looking for an easy way to sell art from your private collection, an art consignment can be one of the best options for you. When you consign your art, you hand over the process of selling to a fine art consignor. In an art consignment you would have an agreement in place with your art broker regarding your desired selling price, commissions, and timeline for sale. The art consignor or art broker is then responsible for handling all aspects of the sale.


Easy Process


Many collectors choose to place their fine art on consignment because it is an easy process. Once you have worked out the particulars of the art consignment, you can sit back and let your art broker do all the work.

As your art broker, Vanessa will be able to organize any restoration, framing, and shipping that your artworks may require for sale. She will take care of everything from professional photos to payments. Once you have consigned your art to her you just sit back and collect a check.

Make More Money


It is common knowledge that an art consignment may take longer than liquidating at an auction, but if you have the time to wait you will get more money for your fine art. Vanessa Villegas Art Advisory will work with you on pricing, and offers one of the most competitive rates for art consignments. She will keep the process fair and transparent to ensure that you receive the most money for your artworks.


If you are interested in consigning your art with Vanessa the next step would be to send clear photos and details of your artworks by email. If you have a large collection with many art pieces you are looking to consign it may be better to set up an appointment. Once Vanessa has all of the information, she will give you a fair and honest assessment of your collection and whether an art consignment would be right for you.

How to Submit

To submit your art collection for consideration please send the following information:

  • 1-5 Clear Photos (Close-ups are helpful!)
  • History of Ownership (Provenance)
  • Description of Artwork (Artist, Medium, Size, Year)