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Specializing in Contemporary and Modern Art, Vanessa Villegas offers private art advisory services to fine art collectors in the Los Angeles and Orange County metropolitan areas. With over 10 years of experience, Vanessa Villegas Art Advisory has extensive knowledge and access to Contemporary and Modern blue-chip artworks.

Whether you are just beginning your fine art collection or you are a seasoned art collector, Vanessa’s all-inclusive services will help you acquire art of exceptional caliber, condition, and at the best prices. Allow her to guide you through the fine art buying process, helping you to build a fine art collection of beauty and relevance.


Fine Art Acquisitions


Particularly for art collectors who are in the market to make fine art acquisitions for investment purposes, it is beneficial to work with an art advisory. Working with experts in any investment field is how you gain insider knowledge about the market. An art advisory has experts who have the knowledge, connections, and access to fine art worthy of collecting. Working with an art advisory can help you make informed art acquisitions for your fine art collection.

Collections Management


Once you have built your fine art collection it is important to ensure that everything is in place to protect, preserve and develop it. Vanessa Villegas Art Advisory can aid you with everything from art insurance to proper conservation and archival framing.

Art Framing


Making sure that your newly acquired fine artworks are archivally framed is an important part of conservation and preservation. Utilizing her network of professional, Vanessa can assist you with framing your beautiful new artwork to perfectly match your décor. She will make sure the framers will use archival and acid-free materials to protect your fine art investments.

Art Installations


Certain artworks may require a professional art installation. Using a professional art installer will save you the headache of installing large heavy artworks. Especially in earthquake prone California, it can be advantageous to have a professional install your large or delicate fine artworks. Vanessa Villegas Art Advisory has a network of preferred art professionals that she can coordinate with for your convenience.

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